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A square crop of a mechanic shop in the East Village, Manhattan. I like how many contrasts there are in this shot: bright and dull, rich and poor, old and new, sharp and smooth… In a city as vibrant and beautiful as New York City, this is a scene most people might avert their eyes […]

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Urban Army

I was walking around the city on my lunch break when I came across three army trucks parked in a row along 1st Avenue. It was such an unusal site to see in the city and it reminded me of an action movie, or a modern day computer game. I crouched down low to take a […]

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Stumbling through the thickets

Today, a shot of the Empire State Building. I like the golden light shining on the side of the building, visible through the contrasting dark branches.

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Chess Prodigy

I was walking home through Union Square in Manhattan yesterday afternoon when I came across a young child and an older man locked in a battle of chess. Curious bystanders with smiles on their faces stopped to quietly watch the two play. It was such a captivating and fun scene that I knew I had to photograph it!

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A typical corner post in NYC, complete with traffic lights and signage relating to parking instructions. I created selective focusing on the post, as the background buildings were a tad distracting.

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