Chess Prodigy

I was walking home through Union Square in Manhattan yesterday afternoon when I came across a young child and an older man locked in a battle of chess. Curious bystanders with smiles on their faces stopped to quietly watch the two play. It was such a captivating and fun scene that I knew I had to photograph it!

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  • Jim Denham

    I am a big sucker for real life photos! Great scene and well captured my friend!
    Jim Denham recently posted..Well Above

  • Jason Hines

    Nice one Tobias. That kid looks like he really knows what he’s doing. Really nice!
    Jason Hines recently posted..Friday Photo Spots

  • Chris Nitz

    Nice capture Tobias! Love that you caught the little guy right in the middle of a move. Great post!
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Ghostly Lights

  • Grace McNatty

    Love this pic, the new layout of the site looks amazing too! Good job bro

  • Mark Blundell

    Really nicely captured scene – the elder and the junior locked in battle!

  • Chris Kenison

    Very nicely done, Tobias!