Crazy Taxi

Whenever I ride in a New York City taxi I have an unusual (and perhaps definitely unwarranted) feeling of safety. In my mind I rationalize the erratic driving by thinking ”this person is a professional, they know what they’re doing.” It reminds me of an old Sega game I used to play at the arcades called Crazy Taxi. If you ever get a chance try it out… not a bad game at all!

In this shot I tried to place focus on the closest taxi and the sky by slightly reducing sharpness and clarity to blur the surrounding buildings and front taxi. I also worked on showing off the bumps and specks in the side panels of the taxi- proof that the erratic driving isn’t always accident-free!

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  1. El Cid
  • Jesse Pafundi

    LOVED that game. Nice Seinfeld stand up quote also ;)

  • Tim Gibson

    Nice angle…like the reflection on the windows of the cab.

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