Eyes to the Soulless

A few weeks back my girlfriend and I walked out of our apartment building late at night, when we noticed something very weird for New York City… we were the only people on the street. Not a single person was in sight! That’s when I saw a figure shuffling down the middle of the street directly towards us, their face covered and making deep grunting noises. Holy crap… zombie apocolypse! How long was that nap I took?! After a few panic-stricken seconds I came to the realization that this person was just very intoxicated and we made it to the shops without issue or infection. This building is located right behind where that terrifying incident occured. The building captivates me in that I find it both interesting and soulless. It reminded me of a scene from the flick 28 Days Later when the main character takes up residence in a spooky looking apartment complex to take refuge from the zombies outside.

My girlfriend would probably say I am too obsessed with zombies, but you can never be to careful! She thinks I am obsessed because in a team-building exercise at work one day we had to write our greatest fears on a piece of paper. My co-workers wrote things like “failing to meet a deadline”, but I misunderstood the exercise and wrote “zombies”. Hey, it’s a valid fear, right?

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  • http://heathofee.com Heath O’Fee

    Love the simplicity in this shot. Great work!

  • http://robhansonphotography.com Rob Hanson

    Zombies? I hate zombies!

    Very nicely framed… uber spooky with the story.

  • http://dudewithcamera.com Jesse Pafundi

    Hahaha thanks for the laugh with the story. Nice abstract style shot dude

    Side note, did you set the Captcha code yourself today because for it was ZMBL, close to zombie!