Recently we moved down to the East Village in Manhattan to be a bit closer to work. It’s surprising the amount of gentrification that seems to be happening in the area. Run down buildings are being updated to cater to a trendier crowd that is willing to shell out a bit more cash to call the area home. At the same time its pretty impressive and kind of sad, as some places lose their unique charm. This HDR shot was taken a couple blocks north of Houston Street. It was created with HDR Efex Pro and edited with Adobe Lightroom. I cropped out a lot of the sky to keep a busy sense to the shot and placed prominence on detail (for example the brick street).

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  • Tim Gibson

    Really like the color tones here Tobias. Nice work.

  • Jim Denham

    Really like the processing of this one Tobias! Great shot!

  • Bo47

    I really like the cool/blue tone you have in this one, Nice!