George Washington Bridge, NYC

Today’s HDR of the George Washington Bridge was merged with Photomatix software and touched up in Adobe Lightroom. It was taken on a day where we completed a tour of all five boroughs in New York City. This tour includes the additional opportunity for a walk over to New Jersey via this amazing bridge, with some excellent views of the Manhattan skyline. The route for the five borough tour (including the bridge walk) was completed in about 11 hours at a leisurely pace and is recommended if you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary activities to do in New York City.

The George Washington Bridge is a 4,760 foot (1,451m) long suspension bridge over the Hudson river, connecting upper Manhattan with New Jersey. There are two levels for vehicles to cross the bridge, allowing for a total of 14 lanes to travel. Sometimes known as the GW Bridge or GWB, this is the busiest motor vehicle bridge in the world, carrying roughly 106 million vehicles per year!

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