HDR Darkroom Tutorial

About HDR Darkroom

HDR Darkroom is software used for the creation of HDR images. It is a fantastic product which I have used to create a number of the images on this site. HDR Darkroom works by combining a number of images at different light levels to create one image that displays the full spectrum of the light range, from the brightest of brights, to intruiging shadows that catch the eye!

HDR Darkroom Tutorial

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To create a HDR image with HDR Darkroom is a rather easy process:

1. Open HDR Darkroom, select File and Create HDR

2. Click Add Images and select the three photographs you are using to create your HDR image

3. Click OK and your HDR image will be created.

Congratulations, your HDR image is now created!

Further editing….

So you want to further edit your HDR image…. You have two options. From the Process menu you can select either Tone Mapping to further alter the appearance of the image inside HDR Darkroom (make it brighter/darker, saturate/desaturate the colors etc), or select Export To Photoshop if you would like to further the process there!

As mentioned this is some very basic software to use! I really recommend it if you wish to try something different with your photography. Feel free to send me a message if you have a question or if you are unsure about anything.

HDR Darkroom Coupon

As an added bonus the good people at HDR Darkroom have been generous enough to provide me with a coupon code for 15% off the purchase of HDR Darkroom! To purchase this software with the HDR Darkroom coupon for 15% off, follow these two easy steps:

1. Access the HDR Darkroom website via this link: www.hdrdarkroom.com

2. On the purchase page enter the coupon code worldofhdr to receive 15% off !!

HDR Darkroom Tutorial Video

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