Manhattan Bridge from Below

Construction on the Manhattan Bridge began in 1901 and was completed in 1912. This bridge has two levels. The top level has four traffic lanes and the lower level has three lanes, four subway tracks (visible in the photo), a bike track and a pedestrian track.  The Manhattan Bridge is located near two other bridges: the Brooklyn Bridge and the Willamsburg Bridge. An easy way to remember their order from south to north is: Brooklyn, Manhattan and Willamsburg–or BMW!

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  • Jesse Pafundi

    WOW! Love this tight crop. So cool to see it up close.

  • Mike Olbinski

    Wow, this is awesome…the tone and colors, plus the structure itself reminds me of Star Wars or something :)

  • Oscar Navarro

    Amazing shot… this is a big structure… I’m agree with Mike… It looks like a futurist stuff :)