Neighbors from Hell!

Well not really… this is an apartment building from my neighborhood. There are a few interesting tenants there, but I wouldn’t really call them the neighbors from hell. Regardless, I like the ominous clouds over the top of this building, together with the towering angle of the building that gives the shot a feeling of terror. This is a 5 x HDR merged with Photomatix and processed in Adobe Lightroom… and to my Australian and New Zealand friends, yes, I have spelled ‘neighbours’ with the American spelling!

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  • Mark Garbowski

    Hey. Our Founding Fathers fought a revolution so we could spell neighbors, and color and honor without a “u.” Or something like that. I’m sure it’s covered in one of those Schoolhouse Rock songs. :)
    Nice shot, btw.

  • Heath O’Fee

    Nice dramatic clouds! NeighboUr all the way! My parents are kiwis and I’m born and raised Canadian, so that extra letter is close to my heart ;)

  • Tobias George

    Thanks for the feedback and hilarious comments guys!! :)

  • Oscar Navarro

    Dramatic!!! and amazing treatment of the cluds…. great shot my friend