Photomatix Pro 4

Photomatix 4 has recently been released in beta form. The new Photomatix includes several new features.

Photomatix 4 New Features

1. Manual deghosting. A pencil tool is used to circle an area for extra deghosting attention.

2. Preset preview thumbnails. Find out how your image will look with the presets via thumbnails down the right hand column.

3. Increased noise reduction functionality. Select noise removal strength as a percentage.

4. When tonemapping, zoom in and out by using the mouse scroller.

Here is a screen shot of the new Photomatix 4. You can view the preset thumbnail previews down the right hand side. I have only just begun to play with this new version, so will write a more thorough review in the near future.

Photomatix 4.0 beta 9.1

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