Reflections of the Community

One of my favorite New York photographers, Mark Garbowski, pointed out on Twitter yesterday that there was a cool website out that shows you how the musician Girl Talk made his latest album ‘All Day‘, which was released late last week.

Basically, Girl Talk is a DJ that takes small snippets of well-known songs and mashes them all together to create some pretty fantastic party music. After Mark shared this link I spent most of the afternoon listening to the album. Fourteen seconds in to the very beginning of the album is a snippet from a Tupac Shakur track. Hearing this I was reminded of the quote from Tupac, in which he describes how we are molded as an individual by the environment we live in: “I am a reflection of my community.”

This reflective photo was taken near Union Square, in Manhattan.

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  • Jesse Pafundi

    Nice use of the reflections, big fan

  • Tobias George

    Thanks mate!