Security In Force

This photo is of art deco building 11 Madison Avenue, in lower Manhattan, New York. The building houses the New York headquarters of banking giant Credit Suisse. These beautifully encased steel poles are used to protect the building from a terrorist driving a payload of destruction up to the front door. Given this being a major security feature to protect the large banking firm, and me photographing this feature with a digital SLR camera, it wasn’t long until I was approached by a security personnel asking about what I was up to. On this occasion the person asking me about my activities was an undercover member of the NYPD! He  showed me his badge and then asked for my identification. One strange final question the NYPD office asked me was “So… are you a terrorist?”. I mean, I’m sure it is asked mostly to judge the response.. but has a terrorist reeeally ever slipped up on that question? “Yes! I mean no! I mean…. damnit!! :( “.

The police officer actually turned out to be a really nice guy and showed me his unmarked car (which he jokingly could neither confirm nor deny was an unmarked car). He said I was free to take photos, and even suggested I step in to the foyer of the building for a good shot. This is a 3 x HDR, merged with Photomatix and touched up with CS5.

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  • Bruce

    Cool pic, and interesting exchange with the he guard! Don’t know if you take requests, but some of your readers would love to see a pic or two of the Hotel Chelsea before too long. A famous hotel with an infamous past…