The Ansonia

I have walked past this building a number of times and have always wondered what it was. Today, whilst on a photo walk of the Upper West Side,  I finally took some shots of the building to play around with in HDR. When I got home tonight I began to research the building and was excited to learn that it has a rich history. ‘The Ansonia’ was a residential hotel built between 1899 and 1904. It was built by a William Earle Dodge Stokes, who had a vision for The Ansonia to be a somewhat self-sufficient community in the city of New York. To complete this vision Stokes created a farm on the 18th floor roof of the building. This farm included 500 chickens that provided fresh eggs daily to the tenants of the building, as well as ducks, goats and a small bear. The Ansonia was the first hotel in New York to be air conditioned. Notable former residents include Babe Ruth, Igor Stravinsky, Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie. This is a 3 x HDR merged with HDR Darkroom and post processed in Adobe Lightroom.

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  • valeria

    nice, looks like gold

  • Bruce

    Intriguing story- a farm in Manhattan, amazing. The building has a colorful past it seems- nicely photographed on this occasion- hope any residents that see this, enjoy your interpretation.

  • Kara

    The ansonia.. May I repost it? :)