The Olden Arches

I was brainstorming for names for this photo, and asked Melissa what she thought of when she looked saw it. Her reply “arches… Golden Arches”. I replied … “Olden Arches?”. She nodded in acceptance at my alteration. What a team!  This photo is a main support section of the Historic Brooklyn Bridge. I like the detail in the stained bricks. I also left a little noise in the photo to assist with the ‘aged’ feel.

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  • Scott Frederick

    Great vantage point here. Nice strong subject! :)

  • John Sotiriou

    Having visited this site recently, I’m amazed that you were able to capture this from that vantage point without being trampled! I love the textures. Great job.

  • Jesse Pafundi

    Nice shot mate. I wanna shoot the B-bridge, we have to take a trip!

  • Tim Gibson

    Nice shot…I like how you brought color to the bridge!

  • Heath O’Fee

    Awesome perspective, man!

  • Tobias George

    Thanks for the comments guys! It was a difficult spot to photograph with the crowds, I just had to wait a few minutes for the right gap. Very keen for that trip, Jesse!!