Through the Cracks

My photo today is of Citi Pond, a free admission ice skating rink in Bryant Park, Manhattan. When we first arrived the rink was full of skaters, but the surface was so bad they could barely stay upright. It was pretty entertaining to watch from the other side of the barrier! A few minutes later everyone had to leave the ice for resurfacing, so I took the opportunity to fire off a few shots of this building directly across the rink. It was a bitterly cold evening, and we could see the people in this building sipping on warm drinks. It was like the building was a mirage in an icey desert. I made everything in this photo black and white except for the building to represent the coldness of the evening and in contrast to the warmth of the building across the way.

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  • Jesse Pafundi

    Love the POV of this shot

  • Jim Denham

    I like it Tobias! Well done!

  • bruce

    Cool pic- love the contrast of color and black/white…(I love Bryant Park- did not realise there was skating in the winter)