Train Station Exit

This is the train station gate I exit through every day as I travel home from work on the New York City subway. The gates are set up so nobody can access the station platform without swiping their MTA Metrocard. I always thought it looks kind of menacing, with it’s shiny metallic arms guiding people to the outside, as they take their turn in line with the beast. This is a 3 x HDR merged with Photomatix, and post processed with Topaz Adjust .

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  • Mike Olbinski

    Congrats on getting the shot without harassment from security :)

    Love it!

  • admin

    Thanks Mike! Gotta be strategic with these shots, huh!

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  • Beth

    Many years ago when my mom was a young woman (1940s, maybe?), she got caught in one of those old floor-to-ceiling turnstiles, and was traumatized by the experience. I don’t know if the subway system has these anymore but they were kind of scary-looking.

    Oh, and I agree with Mike’s comment. ;-)