Winter on the Roof

Around a foot of snow dropped in the New York City area a couple nights back. Yesterday I went up on the roof and took a few shots of the fresh snow. I caught this one of the city, with some icicles hanging in the foreground.

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  • Jim Denham

    Great composition Tobias! Love the processing too! Well done!

  • Jesse Pafundi

    Really cool shot with that icicle

  • Kiff Backhouse

    Cool shot – love the desaturation treatment too !

  • Tim Gibson

    Love how you captured the icicle. Nice!

  • Tobias George

    Jim- Thanks Jim! Was fun to capture.
    Jesse- Cheers! Was cold up there! Was shooting for almost an hour without gloves. Great fun though.
    Kiff- Thanks. The clouds had some unattractive greys and blacks, so desaturation resolved!
    Tim- Cheers! Helps to show the cold temperature!!